About Love Mine

At Love Mine, it is our philosophy that your skin care products are only part of the equation to a beautiful you. Our inner thoughts about ourselves become our beliefs. Our beliefs become our reality. What we say to ourselves while we're applying our products is as important as the product itself.

Our goal is to help encourage you to infuse your daily skin care regimen with loving, inspired thoughts about your skin and yourself. Mine the love that is within you and your skin will glow. You are loved!

Alluring Anise Cleanser

Natural Ingredients

Our products nourish your skin with botanical ingredients that are hand-picked for for quality and freshness.

We support sustainable, fair-trade agricultural practices. Our products do not contain animal derived ingredients and are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Good for your skin, good for the planet!



Examples of what you can say to yourself, out loud or to yourself, are:

"I love my skin! It is so soft and healthy."

"My face is starting to heal. It is lovely."

Say whatever works for you!



The most important ingredient to your skin care regimen is YOU. Your intentions matter to what you perceive on the outside. Please remember that YOU are the most important ingredient.