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What Dial Are You Set To?

In my quest to be mindful about how I show up each day, I ask “What dial am I set to?”

When life is rolling on it’s easy to get wrapped up in it, especially the drama. It’s easy to let certain events and situations turn your dial. Your dial will get turned throughout the day, no doubt. However, it is our job to be mindful of when the dial moves and how to get it back to where we want it to be set to. Maybe your dial today is Powerful Creation. Maybe tomorrow it will be Graceful Perception. Whatever you want to set yourself to, whatever you want to be, take a mindful approach to it throughout the day and see how it affects you.

There are several techniques that help you set this dial for the day.

  1. Exercise can be an effective way to get the motivation going and to take the time to set your intention of how you’d like to show up. You may have several goals you’d like to accomplish for the day and therefore need a dial that favors action.

  2. Meditation is hailed as one of the most effective practices for tuning into yourself, being mindful, and setting intentions. It is also amazing for opening up creative flow and reducing stress. Maybe you’re dealing with a difficult situation at work or at home, or both. Meditation helps you set that dial and know when it’s moving in a direction other than what you’d prefer.

  3. Journal writing is another powerful way to tap into your deepest desires to unlock pathways you may be seeking. Within the technique itself, there are infinite ways to go about writing to get into the mind space you desire. You could do a straight 5-minute writing session about anything you want, you could use writing prompts, you could write 3-5 things you’re grateful for, you could do automatic writing or channel writing, where you ask for divine guidance or your higher self to write through you …. whatever works for you. Write it out. Set your dial.

  4. Routines also hold a unique opportunity for us to tap into because the beautiful thing about routines is — we’re already doing them. One of the pillars of Love Mine skincare (and can be used with any product or no product, by the way) is using your daily skincare routine or your getting-ready routine to set your intentions for the day. You can pump yourself up with a bit of positive self-talk or self-love while you’re getting ready for the day and decide what dial you want to be set to when you walk out the door, whether it’s the bathroom door or the front door. The most effective for me has been during my skincare routine when I’m looking at my face in the mirror. Since I’m already doing this, it’s easy for me to set my dial at this time, if I haven’t already with either meditation or yoga.

Just because you set your dial does not mean that it won’t change. If it does shift, though, you want to be aware if it shifts in a negative direction. For example, I have to work on not letting my dial get to or stay at Blame or Defensiveness. I can easily slip into those realms and have to work hard to notice when I’m there and getting myself back to a dial that focuses on love. It is hard work at times and it is so worth it. YOU are worth it.

Leave a comment to let me know how you set your dial. I would love to hear from you. Much LOVE!

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