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End Your Evening With "I Love You"

The end of the day is the toughest time for me, especially during the week after long work and commute days. After I get home from my job (the one that pays the bills), I am absorbed into the home life with my girls, currently ages five and three, vying for my attention. Those darling, little swirls of energy expect me to be just as energetic as they are. Some days I am, some days I am not. Not even close. The not-even-close days are the toughest.

There are evenings that go smoothly without issues or arguments. There are those that feel like epic fails, ending with frustration and yelling. These seem to be the days where I feel like I can process no more and my energy levels are depleted. This is life in all its forms and we have no choice but to embrace it, messy parts and all.

I do what I can to maintain those energy levels into the evening, some good for me (yoga), some not (lots of caffeine.) But as life dictates, each day presents itself with challenges and victories. I know I’m not alone in this but the challenges are what I’m most hard on myself about. Of course. If I’m a little more irritated with my daughters before bed then I feel like the worst parent in the world.

Irritations are going to happen and I know I’m going to get more annoyed by things in the evening. As much as I try to “prep” myself for these nights, I am not always successful at being “not annoyed”. It just happens and it’s okay. It’s okay to be annoyed with your kids because kids can be annoying, just like they think we’re annoying at times. And what I always do, no matter what, is end our evening with “I love you”. “I love you bigger than the universe” is what my five-year old says to me. I love this so much.

What ending the night with “I love you” means is that no matter how annoyed we may get, how badly we may behave, what rude things we may say in those moments of struggle, there is nothing you could do to end my love for you. I want my family, especially my young daughters, to know the love will remain no matter what they do, say, believe, how they behave. The love will always be there.

If you happen to live alone, please do not forget to tell this to yourself. End your evening with “I love you” because you are love and you are loved.

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